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Playlist for Friday November 15th, 2019

David HelplingThe Heart of UsRUNESpotted Peccary23:10:38
ProtoU featuring HilyardPellucid WatersAnomaliesCryo Chamber23:22:13
Colin RaymentDistorted Reflection of a SeasonTransitional StatesSyngate23:32:08
Schmoelling & WatersDrop Anchor in the Precent TimeZeitViktoriapark23:41:13
Ian Boddy & Nigel MullaneySchemes & RusesSchemes & RusesDiN23:46:04
Jair-Rohm Wells (featuring Robert Russo)Glass KnucklesMotormouth Deviationsmussomusic.com23:57:03
Marconi UnionFracturedDead AirJust Music00:12:09
Michael LawrenceExercise in FrustrationInto the DarknessSelf Release00:18:54
Atrium Carceri & Cities Last BroadcastAll Things NocturnalBlack Stage of NightCryo Chamber00:22:45
Axon DefectoCrossed CablesThe Beginning of the EndSelf Release00:28:07
IsostaticSycamore SeedsWoodland StructuresExosphere00:32:55
Arjen SchatKomplex Sequencer & FriendsSequential Sessions: Selected SessionsSelf Release00:40:20
George WallaceStillpointThe Exquisite NowAirborn Music00:56:22
Dan PoundYou in the CloudsThe HealingPoundSou
FluxusThreeShored Against My RuinsSelf Release01:07:51
Sherry Finzer & Will ClipmanEnchanted ForestThe Space Between BreathsHeart Dance Records01:11:31
Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal & Jesse Paris SmithNatural Form of EmptinessSongs from the BardoSmithsoni
-an Folkways Recordings
HiemisTen KingdomsThuleGradual Hate Records01:22:01
Ben CarrollAkashic Mantra for RecalibrationBecoming LightInnerSelf
Bart HawkinsTorus Energy Currents21 Pulse EclipseSpotted Peccary01:34:50
Sky High DiamondsThe DiscovererWitchcraft & Black Magic in The United KingdomEigth Tower Records01:39:24
Michael BoneventuraGalactic WeedIn Tenebris Ratione OrganiEigth Tower Records01:44:14
Cryo Chamber01:51:58
Fourth DimensionMira’s TailUbiqueSynphaera Records02:00:37
Creation VIHaunted ShoreBeringiaCryo Chamber02:07:40
AscendantSolariumMeridian [EX]Synphaera Records02:17:17
Pharoah ChromiumGaza RequiemAnthology of Contempo
-rary Music from Middle East
-ed Sounds Group
Gypsy WitchSubterrane
-an Scheming
Dr. Davenports LaboratorySelf Release02:38:35
Kelly DavidPlain of ReedsMeditation in GreenSpotted Peccary02:53:48