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Playlist for March 6th, 2020

Mortar DevotionsPart 1Operazione Piovra: The Lead ChroniclesEighth Tower Records
Beard FarmImprov Under a Full MoonWhiskers Before WisdomSelf Release
Form of Things UnknownUnexpurgated Source TransmissionNo Disposition Or Exit PlanVauxFlores
Axon DefectoTwisting ThoughtsThe Beginning of the New EndSelf Release
IsostaticGladeWoodland StructuresExosphere
HowlroundPeck in the CrownWitchcraft & Black Magic in the United KingdomEighth Tower Records
FluxusEightShored Against My RuinsSelf Release
K. MarkovInner AlchemyInteractivityExosphere
Jordan Rudess & Steve HorlickElias’s LullabyIntersonicLazy Bones Recordings
StargardenTrybalThe Art of Analog DiversionMagnatune
Suns of ArqaGavatiTotal Eclipse of the SunsArka Sounds
Flute of the Fallen TigerAlready Not ExistingAlready Not ExistingEarth Mantra
Steve RoachStructures From Slience (Live)The Sky OpensProjekt Records
Jarguna & SeetycaGravitropismTales of Millenial TreesProjekt Records
Paul EllisPart 8Interstellar NatarajaGroove Unlimited
Tunnels of hRed DistributionDrone Islands – The Lost MapsEighth Tower Records
Vladimir UssachevskyWireless FantasyVladimir Ussachevsky: Electronic And Acoustic Works 1957-1972New World Records
Vir UnisFlying DreamAeonian GlowGreenHouseMusic
VidnaObmanaTorch of RememberanceTwilight Of PerceptionProjekt: Archive

Playlist for February 28th, 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
Steve RoachMerge InfiniteThe Sky OpensProjekt Records23 23:08:20
Arjen SchatPleg nLP2Self Release23:39:35
Jean-Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 1Magnetic FieldsPolydor23:59:07
James Plotkin & Mark SpybeyJute WheelA Peripheral BlurKranky00:27:00
IasosLiquid Crystal LoveLiquid Crystal LoveInter-dimensional Music00:32:21
Ian BoddyStrange AttractorsStrange AttractorsDiN01:02:26
Holland HolmesPhase ShiftPhase ShiftSelf Release01:19:57
Henry Wolff & Nancy HenningsThe Empty MirrorTibetan Bells III (The Empty Mirror)Celestial Harmonies01:52:33
HecqI Am YouNight FallsHymen Records02:28:29
Hans-Joachim Rodelius/Lunz/Tim StorySerpentiningInlandishGronland Recordings02:37:37
Gregg KowalskyVTape ChantsKranky02:42:54
Frore & Shane MorrisNight RaptureBlood MoonSpotted Peccary02:44:06

Playlist for February 21st, 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
Dead Melodies & ZenjungleWhere’s Demons SleepAnthropoceneCryo Chamber23:03:13
Tears of SirensUnder the Milky WayTheremin 100 — Electronic Music Written for ThereminThe NY Theremin Society23:13:38
Jarguna & SeetycaTerra NativaTales of Millenial TreesProjekt Records23:18:03
Lisa Bella DonnaOctober GatheringNight ShiftSelf Release23:18:03
David WrightCitadelBeyon the Airwaves, Vol. 3AD Music23:51:43
HLERPSR J1841-0500LGM-1ZeroK00:24:03
ApocryphosSunken Eyed TheopaniesAgainst CivilizationCryo Chamber00:32:04
Beard FarmRain GirlWhiskers Before Wisdomd/a7300:39:10
Alphaxone, ProtoU & OnasanderFuture GhostShadows of Forgotten LegendsCryo Chamber00:52:40
MartyriaOminousDrone Island – The Lost MapsBig Cypress Swamp00:59:16
Steve RoachTrance GeneologyTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records01:04:39
Tribes of MedusaSubsurfaceOccult RealmBig Cypress Swamp01:20:20
Beyond the GhostQuicksandYou DisappearedCryo Chamber01:23:34
Remote VisionInfinity CalculusThe Outer PlateauExosphere01:30:58
Chaka BensonSarah Get Your GunLive at Star’s EndSelf Release01:36:38
Joel ChadabeStreet SceneChadabe & MoogElectronic Music Foundation01:40:13
NeulandDream 9NeulandSelf Release01:48:41
Hey ExitAdvection 01Advection (Slow Names 8)VF Industrial01:56:13
Reza SolatipourReach the EndThe GateEighth Tower Records02:02:51
Barton Bayard MoodyDeep Within…Start from SilenceSelf Release02:09:28
ProtoUTransparent ClustersAnomaliesCryo Chamber02:33:58
Tangerine DreamRichochet 2RichochetVirgin02:43:32

Playlist for February 14th, 2020

ArtistSong Album Label Time Played
Juarguna & SeetyacaThe Wait of the AcornTales of Millenial TreesProjekt Records23:02:37
Lisa Bella DonnaKohoutekCirculusSelf Release23:10:41
David WrightThe Presence of MotionBeyon the Airwaves, Vol. 3AD Music23:16:26
SAW (Schmoelling – Ader – Waters)Crimes of PassionIconicViktoriapark23:48:46
HLERPSR J-1907+06LGM-1ZeroK23:54:16
Beard FarmLive on Music With SpaceLive on WPRBN/A00:06:54
ApocryphosAltscherzAgainst CivilizationCry01:34:00
Paul EllisPart 1Interstellar NatarajaGroove Unlimited01:42:16
ProtoUElectric GroundsAnomaliesCryo Chamber01:52:16
TraumaTerrestrialWhalespitDrone Island – The Lost MapsBig Cypress Swamp02:01:08
Steve RoachLong ShadowTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records02:07:47
Na-Koja-AbadCorporeal InfinityOrgankia ObscuraJungleJar02:13:53
Joel ChadabeShadows and Lines (1972)Electric SoundElectronic Music Foundation ?02:21:36
Melek-thaImpertire gloria satanas in medio terraeOccult RealmBig Cypress Swamp02:36:37
Beyond the GhostA Faint Light on the SurfaceYou DisappearedCryo Chamber02:44:56
Kenneth KirshnerJanuary 1st, 2019 viiiJanuary 1, 2019Self Release02:49:40
Remote VisionSurvey PilotThe Outer PlateauExosphere02:55:20

Playlist for February 7th, 2020

HLERPSR J-0218+4232LGM-1ZERO K23:03:11
ApocryphosHeartsickAgainst CivilizationCryo Chamber23:26:10
SAW (Schmoelling – Ader – Waters)Roar of EternityIconicViktoriapark23:32:23
Beard FarmRain GirlWhiskers Before Wisdomd/73 imprint23:39:40
Alphaxone, ProtoU & OnasanderUninvaded SleepShadows of Forgotten LegendsCryo Chamber23:53:08
ProtoUGhost In You (Part 1)AnomaliesCryo Chamber23:59:43
BloodkryNocturnalDrone Island – The Lost MapsBig Cypress Swamp00:06:37
Schloss TegalBones of TartarusDrone Island – The Lost MapsBig Cypress Swamp00:11:15
Steve RoachBirthpulseTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records00:18:43
Lisa Bella DonnaU-Turn TimeDestinationsSelf Release00:22:00
Test CardWe Oscillated Like Sheep Grazing on Grassy WaveformsMusic for the TowersSound in Silence00:42:22
worriedaboutsatanSecretlyCrystallineSound in Silence00:50:46
Kid’s TechnoBlack Moon (A O F)The Harmony of Spheres + EllipsoidsCherub Records00:55:06
SUSSBlue Dune 1High LineNorthern Spy Records00:58:04
Nephew LagoonPartsoonisPloricaCherub Records01:00:08
Modular MooseOnset/The MagicianScintillations of the Inner LightSelf Release01:01:08
AlphaxoneA Profound VoidDystopian GateCryo Chamber01:06:55
Beyond the GhostRemembering the World As it Used to BeYou DisappearedCryo Chamber01:18:15
Nils Petter MolvaerMarrowStreamerThirsty Ear01:21:20
Paul SchutzeSacred AgentsNew Maps of HellExtreme01:30:17
Pauline OliverosTara’s RoomTara’s RoomImportant Records01:37:27
Daphne OramBrocillandeOramicsParadigm Discs02:04:58
Elaine RadigueKoumeTrilogie De La MortExperimental Intermedia Foundation02:15:09

Playlist for January 31st, 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
PalancarMusic for Music With SpaceMusic For Music With SpaceSelf Release23:00:00
Gregoire BlancWavesTheremin 100 — Electronic Music Written for ThereminNew York Theremin Society00:09:16
Japan Theremin Old SchoolAve MariaTheremin 100 — Electronic Music Written for ThereminNew York Theremin Society00:15:03
Hyperbubble(I’m Your) SatelliteTheremin 100 — Electronic Music Written for ThereminNew York Theremin Society00:19:06
Olivier MessiaenOraisonAn Anthology of Electronic Music Vol. 4Sub Rosa00:23:49
Beard FarmNEEMFest 2019Whisker’s Before WisdomSelf Release00:30:27
SAW (Schmoelling – Ader – Waters)The CrusadeIconicViktoriapark ?00:54:21
Alphaxone, ProtoU & OnasanderNorthern WavesShadows of Forgotten LegendsCryo Chamber01:03:39
ProtoULucid SequencesAnomaliesCryo Chamber01:11:48
Simon BalestrazziEngramma 1Drone Island – The Lost MapsBig Cypress Swamp01:17:42
Steve RoachFirebreatherTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records01:23:52
Lisa Bella DonnaMystery RitualsDestinationsSelf Release01:28:40
Test CardFour Zero Five Line RewindMusic for the TowersSound in Silence01:33:47
worriedaboutsatanSwitching OffCrystallineSound in Silence01:38:06
Kid’s TechnoLucid Dreams About Ray StebbingThe Harmony of Spheres + EllipsoidsCherub Records01:40:06
SUSSRoad Trip Part 3 (The Lonely Path)High LineNorthern Spy Records01:42:03
Michael WhalenThe Tree of LifeThe Tree of LifeSelf Release01:45:25
Modular MooseMycelial NetworksScintillations of the Inner LightSelf Release02:46:48

Playlist for Friday, January 24th 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
Lisa Bella DonnaGreen Rivers to Blackwater CanyonDestinationsSelf Release23:03:09
Alphaxone, ProtoU & OnasanderThoughts of Ancient GodsShadows of Forgotten LegensCryo Chamber23:16:03
RapoonSphinx WingsDrone Island – The Lost MapsEighth Tower Records23:27:23
ProtoUChamber of VisionsAnomaliesCryo Chamber23:33:16
Steve RoachSoul ArcheologyTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records23:42:12
worriedaboutsatanMirrorsCrystallineSound in Silence23:53:58
SUSSSundownerHigh LineNorthern Spy23:57:52
Kid’s TechnoDestroyer, Creator, EquilibriumThe Harmony of Spheres + EllipsoidsCherub Records00:02:11
Square Peg Round HoleRain in RedBranchesNational Sawdust Tracks00:04:22
Nephew LagoonDreamstreamIsPloricaSelf Release00:08:04
Na-Koja-AbadThe Dream of WaterOrgankia ObscuraJungleJar00:12:31
Modular MooseLunar EclipseScintillations of the Inner LightSelf Release00:21:10
AlphaxoneFrozen LightDystopian GateCryo Chamber00:34:18
Beyond the GhostSmoke and MirrorsYou DisappearedCryo Chamber00:39:05
Remote VisionStarhengeThe Outer PlateauExosphere00:46:03
NeulandThe Lost CordNeulandNeuland01:00:46
Henry CowellThe BansheeAn Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Sixth A-Chronology 1957-2010Sub Rosa01:06:45
Sverre Knut JohansenCenozoic Era (Climate Changes; Homo Habilis And Evolution)PrecambrianSpotted Peccary01:09:06
HandInto the VoidUnexplained Sounds Group – 5th Annual ReportUnexplained Sounds Group01:26:51
Robert Scott ThompsonKuiper’s Ultima ThulePluviophiliaAucourant Records01:23:39
Jonn SerrieWithin DreamsAzuraeValley Entertainment01:31:19
Wendy CarlosEuropaDigital MoonscapesCBS Masterworks01:37:56
EarthstarFrench Sky Lines SuiteFrench SkylineSky Records01:42:14
Klaus SchulzeWeird CaravanDig ItBrain02:00:51
Steven HauschildtDissolviDissolviGhostly International02:05:56
The Hausfrauen of DeathFegefeuer Der Eitelkeiten Part 3Fegefeuer Der EitelkeitenSelf Release02:12:18 (Purgatory Of Vanities)
David VoorhausMovement, Part 1White Noise 2Virgin Records02:37:46
Chuck van ZylCelestial MechanicsCelestial MechanicsCentaur Discs02:49:15

Playlist for Friday, January 17th 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
Test CardMonochrome Dreaming Softened the BroadcastMusic for the TowersSound in Silence23:11:44
Lisa Bella DonnaBeyond the Eleventh DreamDestinationsSelf Release23:19:44
worriedaboutsatanStreetlights On Empty RoadsCrystallineSound in Silence23:39:44
Kid’s TechnoEllipsoids RevealedThe Harmony of Spheres + EllipsoidsCherub Records23:44:08
SUSSBlue Dune IIIHigh LineNorthern Spy Records23:45:14
Square Peg Round HoleSmokescreenBranchesNational Sawdust Tracks23:47:34
Steve RoachUnearthedTrance ArcheologyProjekt Records23:57:53
Na-Koja-AbadCloudspine ObservatoryOrgankia ObscuraJungleJar00:04:37
AlphaxoneHollow LandsDystopian GateCryo Chamber00:11:25
Ladonna Man RayMinor Key for a Major GirlPiano for Abandoned Places and Empty SpacesSelf Release00:15:02
Modular MooseOm/ShavasanaScintillations of the Inner LightSelf Release00:19:20
Corona Barathri featuring ChthoniaHaegesblod: The Legacy of KaziahOccult RealmBig Cypress Swamp00:32:01
Beyond the GhostFalse IdolsYou DisappearedCryo Chamber00:41:42
Kenneth KirshnerXOctober 11th, 2018Self Release00:48:01
Robert Scott ThompsonBenign Now the Beautific SeaCartographies of TimeAucourant Records00:52:11
Chaka BensonTitanium’s ChargeLive on Star’s EndSelf Release01:04:22
Richard DartAnother Sea SongGreenishSelf Release01:09:08
Phatoms vs. FireArrivalUnexplained Sounds Group – 5th Annual ReportUnexplained Sounds Group01:13:18
NuelandDream 9NeulandSelf Release01:19:02
Jack HertzPrimative LivingBlackoutsAural Films01:26:41
Tim WaltersThe Last Native SpeakerThe Difficult Third WishSelf Release01:31:15
Reza SolatipourAriseThe GateEighth Tower Records01:44:16
Jim OttawayApocalyptic SignsBeautiful DesolationSelf Release01:50:00
A Cryo Chamber CollaborationHastur 1 (Excerpt)HasturCryo Chamber02:07:21

Playlist for Friday, January 10th 2020

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
Arjen SchatSuspended Above the SurfaceAetherSelf Release23:05:03
Na-Koja-AbadNomad:OutworldNomad:OutworldMuamer Music/JungleJar00:04:02
Orbital DecayThe Key of the SeaThe Key of the SeaSelf Released01:01:55
Craig PadillaThe Light in the ShadowsThe Light in the ShadowsSpotted Peccary01:59:53

Playlist for Friday, January 3rd 2020

Artist Song Album Label Time Played
CaulbearerStorm ChantsOccult RealmBig Cypress Swamp23:02:36
PalancarBurkhan Khaldununreleasedn/a23:08:33
Beyond The GhostSmoke and MirrorsYou DisappearedCryo Chamber23:31:58
Steve RoachDeeper…StillSTILLPOINTTimeroom Editions23:38:46
Nils Petter MolvaerTragamarSolid EtherECM00:38:56
Remote VisionThe Black ValeThe Outer PlateauExosphere00:43:17
Chaka BensonSebastian’s WayLive at Star’s EndSelf Release00:48:45
Joel Chadabe with Irene Oliver (voice)Settings for Spirituals (1977)Electric SoundsElectronic Music Foundation00:55:01
Unearthed NoiseThe VeilUnexplained Sounds Group 5th Annual ReportUnexplained Sounds Group00:59:13
Javi CanovasUnderground VoiceUnforgiven MachineSelf Release01:05:01
NeulandMeasure 3NeulandNeuland01:25:22
Vir UnisFlying DreamAeonian GlowGreen House Music01:30:43
Tangerine DreamSunrise in the Third SystemAlpha CentauriOhr01:40:39
Simon LomaxPoint of ReflectionA Glimmer of Memory…txt01:44:53
Modular MooseHeart of the Forest (featuring Samuel Jefferson)Scintillations of the Inner LightSelf Relase02:01:09
Modular MooseScintillations of the Inner LightScintillations of the Inner LightSelf Release02:05:55
Saul StokesThe Far Edge of Suburban StationOutfoldingHypnos02:05:55
Rogue ElementBeyond CerebusPremonitionAcoustic Wave Records 02:12:43
RapoonLost God Particle…EchoingStraySoleilmoon Recordings02:27:38
Sverre Knut Johansen with Robert RichPrecambrian (Earth’s Geologic Time Scale Impact)PrecambrianSpotted Peccary02:48:43

Playlist for Friday, December 20th

Remote VisionThe Outer PlateauThe Outer PlateauExosphere
Javi CanovasGrietaSubterraneaSelf Release
Kenneth KirshnerOctober 11th, 2018 Part XOctober 11th, 2018Self Release
Chaka BensonRequiem for FourierLive at Star’s EndSelf Release
Joel ChadabeDaisyChadabe & MoogElectronic Music Foundation
Robert Scott ThompsonRainsongPluviophiliaAucourant Records
Richard DartRefracted ImagesGreenishSelf Release
Giona VintiIpostasiUnexplained Sounds Group – 5th Annual ReportUnexplained Sounds Group
Chuck van ZylSpacetones Part 2SpacetonesGroove Unlimited
NeulandThe Long NowNeulandNeuland
Travis JohnsRetreatDormiceVauxFlores
[rubiobello]MercadoMare IslandVauxFlores
Paulina Velazquez-SolisSan Francisco, Ca. 2010Multifungi Vol.1VF Industrial
Hey ExitAdvection 2Advection (Slow Names 8)VauxFlores
Forms of Things UnknownEnantiodromiaNo Disposition Or Exit PlanVauxFlores
Nils Petter MolvaerVilderness 1Solid EtherECM Records
Nils Petter MolvaerTripSolid EtherECM Records
Nils Petter MolvaerTragamarSolid EtherECM Records
Reza SolatipourThe Last TowerThe GateEighth Tower Records
Barton, Bayard & MoodyProcessing PointsStart from SilenceSelf Release
Tim WaltersThe Month of JanuaryThe Difficult Third WishVF Industrial
Jim OttawayBeatiful Desolation (Angels & Demons)Deautiful DesolationSelf Release
Jack HertzThe DarknessBlackoutsAural Films
Nathan MoodyComing From WithinShadesSelf Release
Todd BartonNebula 7.249SpacesFlag Day Recordings
David Borden & Martin DavidsSmart Hubris CSmart Hubris K216.1Self Release
NUMSound of GuardiansAnthology of Persian Experimental MusicUnexplained Sounds Group
Dahlia’s TearTwo Lost WorldsAcross the Shifting AbyssCryo Chamber

Only 2 hours this evening… – Playlist for Friday, December 6th

Javi CanovasGrietaSubterraneaSelf Release
Chuck van ZylSpacetones Part 1SpacetonesGroove
NeulandMoons AgoNeuland Space Paradigm/Peter Baumann
Alan R. SpletSpacetravels With Changing Choral TexturesAn Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Volume 2Sub Rosa
True FrenchTransduction of SucroseAnnotated Songs for Amplified WaterVauxflores
Travis JohnsFlocksDormice Vauxflores
[ruidobella]A-168Mare IslandSelf Release
Pauline Velasquez-SolisCartago, Costa Rica 2011Multifungi Volume 1Vauxflores

Chuck van Zyl LIVE! – Playlist for Friday, November 29th

Dalia’s TearSidereal GardensAcross the Shifting AbyssCryo Chamber
Sverre Knut Johansen with Robert RichPrecambrian (Earth’s Geologic Time Scale Impact)PrecambrianSpotted Peccary
Jonn SerrieSlow Boat to AndromedaAzuraeValley Entertainment
David BordenLand of Broken ChordsVariations of a Theme of Philip Glass 2011-2014Self Release
NyctallzOpscurusAnthology of Persian Experimental MusicUnexplained Sounds Group
David Borden & Martin DavisSmart Hubris ASmart Hubris K216.1Self Release
ProtoUChamber of VisionsAnomaliesCryo Chamber
Colin RaymentSleep InertiaTransitional StatesSyngate
Chuck van ZylLive on Music With SpaceLive on WPRBLive to air broadcast
Ian Boddy & Nigel MullaneyShowdownSchemes & RusesDiN
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (Featureing Robert Musso)Mica BathMotormouth DeviationsMussoMusic.com
Rudy AdrianLantern WalkWoodlandsSpotted Peccary
Jorden Rudess & Steve HorelickUnfoldingIntersonicLazy Bones Recordings
Marconi UnionPermafrostDead AirJust Music
Michael LawrenceInto the DarknessInto the DarknessSelf Release
Atrium Carceri & Cities Last BroadcastThe Great Order of ThingsBlack Stage of NightCryo Chamber
Axon DefectoAlong AgainThe Beginning of the New EndSelf Release
Dan PoundLamentThe HealingPoundsounds
George WallaceHaving Emptied the CupThe Exquisite NowAirborn Music

Playlist for Friday November 22nd, 2019

Tangerine DreamTangram Part 1TangramVirgin
The NightcrawlersSizzling HighsThe Biophonic Boombox RecordingsAnthology Recordings
The NightcrawlersTranssonicThe Biophonic Boombox RecordingsAnthology Recordings
ClusterSeite 2 (Side 2)Cluster 71Bureau B
Steve RoachCircular CeremonyDreamtime ReturnTelephone Explosion
Bitchin’ BajasJammuBajas FreshDrag City
Suzanne CianiConcert at WBAI Free Music StoreBuchla Concerts 1975Finders Keepers
Sinoia Caves1966 – Let The New Age of Enlightenment BeginsMusic from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘Beyond The Black Rainbow’Jagjaguwar
Ian BoddyAs Above So BelowAs Above So BelowDiN
Ian BoddyQuantum of MemoryAs Above So BelowDiN
Ian BoddyTime LapseAs Above So BelowDiN
Laurie SpiegelPatchworkThe Expanding UniverseUnseen Worlds
Todd Anderson-RunertI See What You MeanConjecturesRoom40
Arjen SchatFractional DimensionSpectrumTresor D’argent
Arturius BlazePart 4Meditations in JazzFolktek Records
Quaeschhning & SchnaussMain ThemeSynthwavesAzure Vista Recordings
Quaeschhning & SchnaussRain On Dry ConcreteSynthwavesAzure Vista Recordings
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smih & Suzanne CianiClosed CircuitSunergyRvng Intl
Dick RaaijmakersPiano-ForteInstitute of SonologySub Rosa

Playlist for Friday November 15th, 2019

ArtistSongAlbumLabelTime Played
David HelplingThe Heart of UsRUNESpotted Peccary23:10:38
ProtoU featuring HilyardPellucid WatersAnomaliesCryo Chamber23:22:13
Colin RaymentDistorted Reflection of a SeasonTransitional StatesSyngate23:32:08
Schmoelling & WatersDrop Anchor in the Precent TimeZeitViktoriapark23:41:13
Ian Boddy & Nigel MullaneySchemes & RusesSchemes & RusesDiN23:46:04
Jair-Rohm Wells (featuring Robert Russo)Glass KnucklesMotormouth Deviationsmussomusic.com23:57:03
Marconi UnionFracturedDead AirJust Music00:12:09
Michael LawrenceExercise in FrustrationInto the DarknessSelf Release00:18:54
Atrium Carceri & Cities Last BroadcastAll Things NocturnalBlack Stage of NightCryo Chamber00:22:45
Axon DefectoCrossed CablesThe Beginning of the EndSelf Release00:28:07
IsostaticSycamore SeedsWoodland StructuresExosphere00:32:55
Arjen SchatKomplex Sequencer & FriendsSequential Sessions: Selected SessionsSelf Release00:40:20
George WallaceStillpointThe Exquisite NowAirborn Music00:56:22
Dan PoundYou in the CloudsThe HealingPoundSou
FluxusThreeShored Against My RuinsSelf Release01:07:51
Sherry Finzer & Will ClipmanEnchanted ForestThe Space Between BreathsHeart Dance Records01:11:31
Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal & Jesse Paris SmithNatural Form of EmptinessSongs from the BardoSmithsoni
-an Folkways Recordings
HiemisTen KingdomsThuleGradual Hate Records01:22:01
Ben CarrollAkashic Mantra for RecalibrationBecoming LightInnerSelf
Bart HawkinsTorus Energy Currents21 Pulse EclipseSpotted Peccary01:34:50
Sky High DiamondsThe DiscovererWitchcraft & Black Magic in The United KingdomEigth Tower Records01:39:24
Michael BoneventuraGalactic WeedIn Tenebris Ratione OrganiEigth Tower Records01:44:14
Cryo Chamber01:51:58
Fourth DimensionMira’s TailUbiqueSynphaera Records02:00:37
Creation VIHaunted ShoreBeringiaCryo Chamber02:07:40
AscendantSolariumMeridian [EX]Synphaera Records02:17:17
Pharoah ChromiumGaza RequiemAnthology of Contempo
-rary Music from Middle East
-ed Sounds Group
Gypsy WitchSubterrane
-an Scheming
Dr. Davenports LaboratorySelf Release02:38:35
Kelly DavidPlain of ReedsMeditation in GreenSpotted Peccary02:53:48