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Music for the space between point A and point B: the left and the right ears  


Traditionally, Music With Space has aired for three hours, from midnight until 3am (and previous to that 1am to 4am.)

For this summer schedule at WPRB, Music With Space will instead start at 10pm and run until 3am. That's five hours of "Music for that location between the left and the right ears."


ArtistSongAlbumLabelAired Time
_Algol_ Holes of Celestial Sphere Deep Thoughts About Universe Self Release 22:08:03
Bernd Kistenmacher Quitting-Time Head-Visions Green Tree Records 22:20:37
Mort Garson Ode to An African Violet Plantasia (Mother Earth's Plantasia: Warm Earth Music For Plants and People who Love Them) Homewood Records 22:35:00
Germind Anabiosis Flows Synphaera Records 22:38:54
JS Horseman Suite for a Lost A440 New frontiers of electronic music Eigth Tower Records 22:49:24
W. Zabarkas Whereof One Cannot Speak The Origin of Dreams Glistening Examples 22:53:34
Ryuichi Sakamoto Fullmoon async Milan 22:02:55
Gypsy Witch Reach Out In Darkness Unspoken Aural Films 23:10:00
Ulrich Schnauss Nobody's Home Far Away Trains Passing By Domino USA 23:12:24
Wavestar Voyager Moonwind Audion Recording Co 23:19:52
Copal River Blood Red Bloom Ancara Earth Mantra 23:31:57
Council of Nine Silent Dawn Trinity Cryo Chamber 23:42:52
Jonn Serrie The Veils of Beta Pavonis The Sentinel New World Music 23:49:38
A Cryo Chamber Collaboration Azathoth 2 Azathoth Cryo Chamber 00:01:10
God Body Disconnect Reservoir Dreamer Sleeper's Fate Cryo Chamber 01:06:07
Robert Rich Electric Ladder Electric Ladder Soundscapes 01:14:30
Sinoia Caves 1966 - Let The New Age Of Enlightenment Begin Beyond the Black Rainbow (Official Soundtrack) Jagjaguwar 01:25:54
Shane Morris and Dan Minoza Chandrakantha The Ritual Space Earth Mantra 01:41:15
Terry Furber Journey of Time unreleased n/a 01:56:56


ArtistSongAlbumLabelAired Time 
Craig Padilla Heaven Condenced Heaven Condenced Spotted Peccary 22:13:23  
Floating Points Kelso Dunes Reflections - Mojave Desert Pluto 22:41:09  
Oneohtrix Point Never / Rene Hell Stone Of Spiritual Understanding Music For Reliquary House / In 1980 I Was A Blue Square NNA Tapes 22:53:57  
Bernd Kistenmacher Rucksturz Head-Visions Cosmic Sound Production 23:01:48  
Software Fluting Electronic Universe Electronic-Universe, Pt. 1 Innovative Communication 23:25:14  
Rudy Adrian Temple on an Island Atmospheres Spotted Peccary 23:45:03  
Jonn Serrie Starship Destiny Homeward The Sentinel New World Music 23:54:33  
Council of Nine January 3rd Trinity Cryo Chamber 00:12:10  
Bill Laswell The divine self Hashisheen: The End of Law Sub Rosa 00:21:37  
Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami Druid Liquid The Longing Daylight Carpe Sonum Records 00:26:32  
State Azure Vertigo Digiseeds Ultimae Records 00:37:07  
Erezy Yaary Atmosphere Part 6 Atmosphere MellowJet Records 00:45:00  
Germind Intergalactiv Voice Flows Cryo Chamber 00:53:50  
Ulrich Schnauss Sunday Evening in Your Street Far Away Trains Passing By City Centre Offices 01:06:37  
Arjen Schat Solstitium Solstitium Self Release 01:13:15  
God Body Disconnect Drowning With God Sleeper's Fate Cryo Chamber 01:52:08  
Ekkehard Ehlers/Joseph Suchy/Franz Hautzinger Soundchambers 5 Soundchambers Staubgold 02:02:38  
Steve Roach Gestation Possible Planet Timeroom Editions 02:12:57  
Steve Roach First Murmur Possible Planet Timeroom Editions 02:43:24